Terms of Service

1) Fill out the application form specifying all the required fields (those marked with an asterisk). 2) The firm reserves the right to take legal advice and / or technical, and only then will send an email containing the required tax information (tax code and / or VAT) together with the estimate (including taxes) and the time needed for the preparation of legal advice and / or technical or acts.
any questions can be asked at this stage if the instructions were not sufficient to understand and assess the issue as a whole.
If you require legal advice and / or technical assistance by registered A / R also remember to correctly fill in the fields relating to the postal address.


NOTE: In the absence of a reply within 5 working days by the firm, the request for advice must be understood not accepted.
2) Payment in the manner you prefer.
3) Within the agreed delivery time, will be broadcast consultancy mode chosen at the time of the request.
4) A copy of the invoice will be sent by e-mail